MagFero®Iron Oxide

MagFero® Iron Oxide is a suspension of iron oxide nanoparticles, which is coated with biocompatible material and are dispersed in distilled water. The mean diameter of the dispersed nanoparticles has a single crystal size of 25 ~ 50 nm and agglomerated size of not more than 100 nm. MagFero® Iron Oxide is a magnetite which exhibits strong and controllable magnetic properties and can be tagged with biological materials for various bio-medical applications. After shaking vigorously or vortexing, MagFero® Iron Oxide is ready for use.

Hyperthermia treatment, MRI contrast enhancement, Detoxification of biological fluids, Electromagnetic-wave absorption, Ferrofluids, High-density magnetic recording, Magnetic cell separation, Magnetic coatings, Magnetic refrigeration, Magnetically controlled transport of anti-cancer drugs; Magneto-optical devices, Semiconductors, Toners for copies and laser printers, Microwave devices, Removal of actinides from waste water, Magnetic detectors, Color imaging, etc. This product is for research use only and are not intended for use in human or for in vitro diagnostic use.


We offer standard and customized MagFero® Iron Oxide nanoparticles. Please contact [email protected] for product details and quotation.