Particle Technology

HGCP Technology

The High Gravity Controlled Precipitation (HGCP) technology platform was developed based on fundamental mass transfer principles wherein micro-mixing of the reaction phases is achieved in microseconds, with the reaction phases brought together under a high-gravity environment. In a precipitation process, a high degree of super-saturation, uniform spatial concentration distributions and identical growth time for all crystals are essential conditions for the syntheses of nano-particles with narrow size distribution. The mass transfer rate and micro-mixing is much larger in our HGCP reactor than that in a conventional reactor, due to the high-gravity environment, which facilitates the generation of higher supersaturated concentrations of the product in the precipitation process. Therefore, the HGCP technology is an ideal technology through which a wide range of nano-sized medicines can be developed and synthesized.

Advantages of the HGCP technology platform are:

  • Scalability: Cost effective scale up for large scale production of nano-medicines
  • Controlability: Good control over quality, particle size and distribution, particle shape and morphology, and stability of the nano-medicines
  • Versatility: Can be used for a variety of nano-medicines synthesis
  • Time-saving: The “crystallization, micronization and conditioning” processes can be consolidated into a one-step process



Duo-C® Technology is our second generation technology which can combine the drug particle processing and formulation together to obtain an intermediate drug powder containing excipients. The drug powder can be filled into capsules or re-formulated into various dosage forms such as tablets, injectables and others.