R&D Competencies

In a contract R&D work, we dedicate a R&D team which consists of scientists across different disciplines work in a collaborative way, which generates diverse insights and perspectives that help focus our work. Our technologies allow processing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to micron-sized, sub-micron or nano-sized drug particles with the below special features:

  • Precise control of particle size, and its distribution
  • Average particle size of 100nm – 3µm
  • Design particle shape, polymorph and ball agglomerates
  • Suitable for small and big molecules, as well as proteins
  • Improve dissolution rate, reduce dosage and side effects, and better patient compliance
  • Applicable to various administration routes: solid oral dosage, suspension, injectible and inhalation (pMDI/DPI)
  • Easy industrial scale-up (3-in-1 solution of crystallization, micronization and conditioning) 10 – 1,000 tons/year
  • Time and cost saving
  • All contract R&D works covered by more than 15 patents and performed in Singapore