At NMT Pharma, we focus on continuing our history as an innovative technology-based company which always introduces new solutions for better medicines, on meeting challenge of an ever-changing healthcare environment and on ensuring a productive and enjoyable place at work. This takes an ongoing commitment to certain key values that NMT Pharma holds critical to maintaining our culture and to the small-company spirit that has been part of NMT Pharma’s success.


In NMT Pharma, all our employees are honest with each other and act with integrity within our jobs and responsibilities as well as when communicating with stakeholders be it, our customers, partners, vendors, government agencies and regulatory bodies. We believe that what we do and say ultimately affects the lives of patients who use our products. We encourage employees to say what they think and report the real situation or results to their superiors.


All our employees are respecting each other. All positive and negative voices from all levels will be communicated and respected. All policies and decisions made will be highly transparency. We recognize the importance of transparency as a mean to build trust with stakeholders including the public and most importantly the patient as the ultimate recipient of care.


Our employees whether from the technical or business need to be innovative in consistently providing real technical and business solutions so as to maintain our competitive edge. We encourage voicing out of new ideas and accept challenges and critics from the team members. As a technology-based company, NMT Pharma will continue investing in research and development for better technologies to make the medicines which have better therapeutic effects, better patient compliance and more affordable. We expect our employees to develop better business solutions and models to market and distribute our medicines


In NMT Pharma, a single second of delay means a loss of time of saving lives. Therefore, all our employees have to perform their duties and works efficiently. We use new technologies to improve our work efficiency and productivity. We cannot tolerate overlapping and repetitive works among our employees. We focus and prioritize on the work and targets. In all of our activities, we commit our energy and expertise to patients and address the veritable needs and realities of each market.


A spirit of teamwork will allow NMT Pharma to retain a fast and dedicated service to our customers with which to compete against larger, more structured companies. When we encourage and learn from each other, and treat each other with dignity and respect, we share greater success than if we all worked strictly as individuals. We are open to share our technologies and knowledge with our stakeholders and forming covalent and symbiotic relationship to introduce innovative medicines and effective treatment to patients.


Each of us is individually accountable to each other and to our own work and behaviors in achieving our daily results. We are also accountable to ensuring that there are no compromises in either the safety of our workplace, the protection of environment or the quality of everything we do


NMT Pharma is a results-driven company, where timing and quality are critical to success. We focus on our business objectives, and how each of us contributes to their achievement through our daily work.