2010, April 8

2010, April 8

NanoMaterials Technology Signs Exclusive Licensing Agreement for Hyperlipidemia-controlling Drug with Beijing Winsunny Pharmaceutical


Singapore, April 8, 2010 – NanoMaterials Technology Private Limited (“NMT”)

announced today that it has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Beijing

Winsunny Pharmaceutical Company Limited (“Winsunny Pharma”) for the use of

its proprietary High Gravity Controlled Precipitation (“HGCP”) Technology to

manufacture, market and distribute a generic version of a world-wide blockbuster

hyperlipidemia-controlling drug in China with a potential market size of over

US$900 million. Currently, there are 90 million patients in China undergoing long

term treatment for hyperlipidemia. The annual growth rate of the patients is about

15 million and it is estimated that the number of patients required the treatment

will reach 200 million in the next 10 years.

Under the terms of the agreement, Winsunny Pharma will pay an undisclosed

upfront fee as well as milestones and royalty payments based on future sales of

the drug. NMT will provide a new formulation that will increase efficacy, lower

drug dosage and provide better patient compliance. Winsunny Pharma will

assume all the costs of development, regulatory and commercialization of the

solid oral dosage formed drug including clinical trials.

“Today’s announcement is an important milestone for NMT in deploying our

HGCP technology in one of the fastest growing and most important markets in

the world for the pharmaceutical sector,” said Dr. Jimmy Yun, CEO of NMT.

“Previously, we had demonstrated the use of HGCP Technology in mass

production of specialty chemicals. This is our first collaboration with Winsunny

Pharma and it provides an opportunity to extend the product range of their

hyperlipidemia-controlling drugs. We believe that this is the beginning of a series

of drugs using our technology to be made available in the market. We look

forward to have more collaboration with Winsunny Pharma in future.”

“We have various late stage developments which have the potential to reach

commercialization in the near future. Currently, we are in talks with

pharmaceutical companies in the US, Europe and China to commercialise

several compounds using HGCP technology,” continued Dr. Yun.

The HGCP Technology allows production of active pharmaceutical ingredient

(“API”) at both low micron and nano-sized range. NMT has demonstrated the

suitability of the technology for processing APIs of both small and macro

molecules to be formulated for solid oral dosage and inhalation forms. The

HGCP Technology is also being used for designing drug particles with good

aerodynamic properties and specific particle size distribution for pulmonary

inhalation. It consolidates the current conventional “crystallization, micronization

and conditioning” manufacturing processes into one-step, which is cost and time



About NanoMaterials Technology Pte Ltd (http://www.nanomt.com)

Founded in April 2000, NanoMaterials Technology (NMT) is a Singapore company that specialises in the development and commercialisation of the production technologies of nano-materials. NMT has a proprietary technology called the High Gravity Controlled Precipitation (HGCP). The result of this breakthrough is a nano-material production technology that is simple, easy to scale up and extremely cost effective. The HGCP Technology is versatile to be coupled with NMT’s dispersion technology and know how to improve the dispersibility of the nano-particles.


About Beijing Winsunny Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (http://www.bjwsyy.com)

Founded in February 1999, Winsunny Pharma is a pharmaceutical company in Beijing

and is a subsidiary of Zhejiang NHU Group (http://www.cnhu.com/en). Zhejiang NHU Group is a public-listed company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China. Winsunny

Pharma specializes in hyperlipidemia-controlling, high blood pressure, nephrology, CNS and diabetes drugs.


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